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Is there insurance coverage for solar panels?

Solar, solar, everywhere!

Solar energy is one renewable energy that has become a hot topic among homeowners. (Pardon the pun.)

That being said, the question is, how are they insured?

Is there insurance coverage for solar panels?  Who is responsible for insuring them?

If you ownsolar panels

As of now, there is no specific insurance policy for solar panels.  If you own solar panels that are on your residence or property you would have coverage through your homeowners policy.  It’s key that you notify your local agency and update your policy as soon as you have them or better yet before you buy, or you may not have the necessary coverage.  Call us for more information.

If you lease

When leasing solar panels, usually the company you lease from is responsible for insuring them.  Be sure to have a clear understanding of your contract.  Also be aware that if you sell your home while still in a lease, the solar company could have a say in who buys your home.  Be careful whenever you have a contract.  Call you local insurance agent for more information.

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Solar Panel Installation

This time of year is ideal for harvesting the energy contained in the sun rays.  Why? Days are getting longer and temperatures are still cool compared to later in the summer.  Have you considered installing solar panels on your home. If so there are a few things to know about solar panel installation. Chubb  Insurance and other companies we represent offer coverage for solar panels and other renewable energy solutions.

Tips for choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company

  • Ask the solar company for proof of Insurance;  for General Liability and Workers Comp.solar panel installation
  • Request and a written proposal and contract, before agreeing to any work.
  • Read through the entire contract before signing.
  • Determine who will be responsible for repairs and or maintenance once the panels are installed.

Other Points to Remember

  • Remote monitoring systems for the panels can be installed. These  devices identify problems with the panels before they become a bigger issue.  They can even locate which panel may be defective or inhibited in some way.
  • Before choosing a contractor you will need to gather certain information like, age of the roof and if the roof is in need of repair.  Panels add weight to the roof, and need to be accounted for.
  • Panels harvest sun rays and turn them into electrical current.  They are dangerous when on, or plugged in so consult a professional before attempting to make any adjustments.

Contact your local insurance agent today.