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Do you need a contract Bond?

For contractors, a contract bond is often essential for bidding on a public job.  There are various types of contract bonds.contract bond

Contract Bond Types:

  1. Performance Bond.
  2. Payment Bond.
  3. Bid Bond.
  4. Maintenance/ Warranty Bond.


Contract bonds provide the financial assurance that the contractor (principal) will construct a project for the project owner (obligee), and will:

  • Perform the work according to the contract.
  • Pay certain subcontractors and laborers.
  • Pay material suppliers.


Is obtaining a bond preventing you from bidding on a contract?

Do you have questions about how to obtain a bond?


We are here to answer your questions about contract bonds.  Contact us today.

Have you had your antiques appraised?

Antiques give us a glimpse into the way life used to be.  Antique shows are a great pastime, in which we can find unique, priceless items.

Do you enjoy collecting antiques?

antiquesProtect your investment. When was the last time you had your antiques appraised by a professional? We recommend that you have your appraisals done by a certified appraiser to determine the value of your personal items.  Once you have the appraisal, contact your local independent insurance agent to discuss your coverage options.

Your agent will advise you to either…

  1. List your antiques on your current homeowners policy.
  2. Obtain a valuable articles policy.

In most cases, you can simply schedule your items to your homeowners policy which will also provide broader coverage.  

Do you have an up to date digital inventory?  Please share this information with your local agent as well. Digital records save you time and headaches, in the event of loss. link

Call us today, for more tips and coverage options.



2016 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to all of the Class of 2016 Grads!  We are so happy to have heard from so many students.  Thank you all for applying for the 2016 CCSF Scholarship!  We really enjoyed getting to know these well rounded students. Its obvious that you students of Western MA are hardworking individuals who also take time to think of others! After much deliberation we have a scholarship Winner!!!

Drum roll please…  The 2016 CCSF Scholarship Winner is… Jenna Mazza of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts!!

scholarship winner Jenna


Jenna Mazza we recognize you for your fine example of academic achievement and volunteerism.  We know that you will continue to work hard and continue to be an asset to the community.  We wish you the best in your pursuit of a career in early childhood education!  We are confident you will be a wonderful teacher.


Click here to view a complete list of the CCSF Scholarship requirements.

Landlord Inventory

Do you own rental property?  What can you do to protect your property?

Keep a digital inventory of your property.

Don’t let this happen to you…

landlord inventoryYou rent out an apartment to a family.  Before they move in you update everything. New wood floors, new refrigerator ,new dryer… everything.  A year or two go by and you have to make a repair on the kitchen sink.  Suddenly you realize the
oven that you installed is gone and an older one is in its place.  You mention it to them and they say.. are you sure??  You insist that this is not the oven you installed they say, of course it is…

Do you have proof??  Scenarios like this show why you would do well to make sure you have a digital inventory of the property and valuable goods.  Pictures should have a date stamp which shouldn’t be hard with modern cameras and even your smartphone.  Also the condition of the property should be noted. This can prevent theft and future liability issues.

Please be sure to let us know of your inventory as well.

Whenever contracts are concerned remember this;

  • Written contracts are best.
  • Details should be presented clearly.
  • Signatures and Dates, from both parties, must be clearly marked.


Encourage tenants to purchase renters insurance…

Massachusetts Maple Syrup Season

Maple Syrup Season has arrived!

Looking for a great family outing?   Well we have just the thing! Why not go visit a local maple sugarhouse? It’ll help you see the brighter side of this cold weather! We live in an area known for wonderful maple syrup!

It will be a great experience for all!maple syrup

Do you know how to make maple syrup?

At the sugarhouse the kids will love seeing how this natural treat is made.  Some sugar houses even let you help with the process.  After the tour you can top it off with a great breakfast.

Usually a sugar house also has a restaurant attached allowing people to enjoy free syrup on their scrumptious  breakfast.  Mmm….


For locations near you, click here!



How much Energy is Used Yearly? In Massachusetts?

Do you know how much energy is used yearly by people living in the United States?

Do you know how much energy is used yearly by people living in Massachusetts?

First off lets start with how energy is measured.  Energy is measured in BTU.  BTU is defined as; the amount of heat required to raise the temperature on 1 LB of water by one degree.  Or Thermal Units. 

Have I lost you??  if not please enjoy an interesting explanation of what BTUs look like. Click here to view the chart

Energy. gov has interesting Facts on this very topic…


Ienergy is usedn 2012 Individuals used 129,300,000 BTU.  What does that translate too?  Click here to view the chart


How can we as individuals lower the amount of energy we use?

  • Try making changes to the way we travel.
  • Use cars or trucks that are more fuel efficient.
  • Weatherizing our homes.
  • Use lighting and heating that are energy efficient.
  • read more

Conserving energy is good for the environment and your wallet, it’s a win win…


Is your kid in the right car seat?

How safe is the car seat in your car?

babyseat_2 car seatDid you know that car crashes are the number one killer of children aged 1 to 12 years old in the United States?

How do you provide the best protection?  The short answer is to use the right car seat at the right time.  Do you use the same seat for an infant as you use for a toddler?  Do you install the seat rear or face forward? Should the car seat have any movement up or down or side to side?  How much movement is safe?   Do you use the latch system or Seat belt?  Can I use a second hand car seat?  Can I use my car seat after a car accident?  How do I secure my child?  Do I purchase a 5 point harness or 3 point harness?  How tight do I secure my child?  At what level does the chest clip go?

So many questions, so many options.  It can be kind of overwhelming.    I for instance had my five year old in the proper car seat, facing forward and attached to the car using the latch system.  Little did I know that the latch system for my particular car seat should only be used up to 40 pounds.  My child was 46 pounds.  I quickly removed the car seat and had it installed using the seat belt, which was no easy task.  I actually ended up contacting a professional and had the seat installed by someone who knew what they were doing.

Click here for answers to all of these questions and more.