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“Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover That?”

If you have homeowners insurance, you know that you’re covered in the event of fire damage or if you encounter a few sticky finger thieves. Now that the holidays are right around the corner and more people will be visiting your home, it’s time to cover three potential scenarios that may happen to you this holiday season and the likely coverage that each one has:

The Thirsty College Student

Every happy holiday party has three essentials: festive lights, sweets, and a large punchbowl of spiked egg nog. Your brother’s son, a recent college freshman on winter break, dunks his moose shaped mug into the punchbowl – once…twice…three times more. As the party ends, he gets into his car, backs down your driveway and injures one of the other guests. The guest turns around and sues you.In this situation, be very careful about serving alcohol at your house.  Some carriers are excluding coverage for Host Liquor Liability.  This means that you as the homeowner, will have to defend yourself in court.  So take the time to call your agent and confirm the language within your policy before throwing that big Holiday Celebration!!

The Brightest House on the Block

You just finished watching Christmas Vacation and you turn to your wife and say, “honey, I’m going to make our house the brightest house on the block!” She rolls her eyes and you start planning the masterpiece. Two weekends pass, and you’re on the last few strands. As you reach to staple the final light you slip off the ladder and fracture your arm. Your homeowner’s policy will not cover injuries to you, only injuries to others. This accent will fall under your health insurance coverage.

Black Friday Madness

You’ve never missed a deal on black Friday and this year wasn’t going to be your first. Your daughter asked for the new what-cha-ma-call-it and she HAS to have it. The morning of Black Friday, you turn the corner of aisle 12 and see two what-cha-ma-call-its remaining on the shelf. You don’t remember throwing an elbow and breaking the person’s wrist as you clawed to grabbed for the remaining two, but witnesses claimed otherwise. Now you’re being sued. This may be considered as an intentional act and may not be covered.

As the holiday season continues to strengthen, remember to review your policy. Give us a call and we’ll gladly let you know the nuances of your coverage.

Spring Tree Clean Up

Now is a great time to do some spring cleaning.  Winter seems to have left us finally!

Pretty soon we will be enjoying those summer time backyard BBQs!

How does your yard look? Have you noticed any broken branches on your trees? Now is a good time to have this taken care of.

Calm spring weather allows for tree clean up that is essential for a happy summer.

Imagine this:tree clean up

A thunderstorm approaches the pioneer valley.  The local news station tells you to make sure your yard is clear of any loose furniture because of gusty winds.  You don’t notice anything that needs to be brought in.  The rain starts and slowly the wind picks up. A few hours later you are jolted awake by a loud crash!  What was that??   

The next morning you look out the window and see that your neighbors car has been crushed by a branch.  The problem is the branch was from a tree on your property…  What now? Are you covered?

Many homeowners realize too late that they did not have the coverage for this type of situation.  The sad news is, unhealthy trees or damaged trees, if left unattended, can cause major damage that is not always covered.

Before it gets that far consider having your property assessed by a professional.

Also if you have questions about your coverage, don’t hesitate to call your local insurance agent.

Homeowners: Inventory your belongings.

inventoryHave you taken an inventory of your belongings?

This is a reminder to take some time now to go through your home and create an inventory of your valued items.

Take this situation:

A fire breaks out in the home, causing severe interior damage.  The structure of your home remains intact but everything else is a loss.  You find yourself needing to replace everything from appliances to clothing and even your toothbrush.   Good news is, you have insurance so you are covered and will be reimbursed…  But do you remember all the contents items in your house? Now is the time you wish you’d taken pictures or had a video of the inside of the house.

Don’t let this happen to you…

Here are a few things to remember when taking an inventory…

  • Take 3 or 4 pictures of each room.
  • When taking pictures, don’t forget to open the cabinets and closets. You have more clothes than you think!
  • Make a separate list of the items that can’t be replaced
  • Your valuable items may need to be appraised.
  • Call our office with your list.  413-788-4531.


Being Proactive (before a loss) will save you time and energy.


Feel free to call us with further questions.

Frozen Pipes… Are you covered?

frozen pipesUh-Oh! Frozen Pipes?  It’s been very cold and looks like this will continue for at least a few more days.  

If your pipes burst in this cold winter weather, are you covered?

Well the good news for you is that water damage is one of the most commonly filled insurance claims.  That being said, you should know that not all claims are covered for frozen pipes.  If your home sustains “sudden and accidental” water damage from bursting pipes, then you would be covered.  If the leak is slow or has caused damage over a long period of time you may not have coverage.  This is why it is good to be on the lookout for water damage or broken pipes especially this time of year.

Also please note that if the following are true you may not be covered:

  • The frozen pipes that burst have not been properly maintained.
  • You are away from your home and the pipes burst due to a lack of heat in the home.  

 It’s best to contact your local agent for further details of coverage before you have a claim.


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Home AC Energy Tips

Is your Home AC wasting your money?


Summer Summer Summertime… What a great time of year!  How are you enjoying this great summer weather?  Can you believe its already August?  August is usually know for heat.  Is your home AC ready?

Although its been a mild summer thus far, we know August’s potential.  Enjoy the warm weather while it is here!  Energy.gov has great tips for keeping your home cool and keeping money in your pocket…

Home AC tip1Do you have Central Air?

Tip: Make sure your ducts are sealed and connected properly. Leaks mean wasted energy.




Home AC tip 2 Do you have AC Window Unit?

Instead of the accordion panels that are attached to the unit, use “rigid form panels” to stop air leaks.



Do you have an AC and want to lower cooling Costs?

Tip: Secure you home’s “envelope.”  The Envelope is the shell of your home, keeping air in or out.  Heat and Cold air should only leave or enter when you want it to by means of proper ventilation, and insulation.  Leaks in windows, doors etc waste energy and thus money…


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, click here for the answers, featured on Energy.gov

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