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Medical Records Data Breach

Is your medical office covered in the event of a data breach?

A data breach is loss, theft or even publication of personal information.

Medical offices are for healing and care.  Trust and confidentiality is a major part of the practice. Don’t let a medical records data breach put your patients at risk.  According to a the Verizon data Breach Investigations Report of 2013, “66% of data breaches investigated were not discovered for months or years after.”  We know your patients personal information is too precious to take this chance.

Data Breaches occur when information is lost or stolen.

Is your office at risk for a medical records data breach?

Ask yourself:

  • How secure are your medical records?
  • Are your computer “firewalls” up to date?
  • Do former employees have access to patient files?


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Data Breach- Small Business

Are you concerned about a Data Breach? Why should you be concerned?

Every Business needs to have a plan in place.  Even if you are certain that you have minimized the risk Data Breach can happen.

Seems like every day there is a new story about how a big business was “hacked.”  A computer “hack” is only one of the ways that a Data Breach can happen.  Every Business is at risk

The  Federal Trade Commission would agree, protecting personal information is very important.

We hope you find the links below, helpful in protecting your business.

Click here for a PDF: Guide to Protect Your Business

Tips on Identity Theft

As a business owner, you you work hard to protect your property, right? Does your building have fire sprinklers and extinguishers?  Do you also have business insurance, just incase?  In a similar way people tend to have a “firewall” on their computer and a shredding system, to protect private information.  Cyber insurance helps you protect your business from stolen information same way business insurance does against  fire damage or theft.

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