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Stolen Wheels… Are you covered?

stolen wheelsRipped from the headlines:  It appears we have a wheel thief!

Local western Massachusetts residents have reported wheels being stolen off their cars.  If this happens to you… Are you covered? In short, yes usually a comprehensive auto policy would provide coverage for stolen wheels.  Claims are individually evaluated by a company assessor.

 It is important to remember that reimbursement for stolen wheels would be based on:

  • Your policy deductible.
  • Age of the tires.
  • Mileage of the tires.

Check with your local agent to make sure there are no gaps in your policy.

We hope this does not happen to you.  It is recommended that you protect your investment by means of a garage or other anti theft measures.


Rideshare- Are You Covered?

Imagine the next time you go to call a cab… you have the option to pick the kind of car, the cost, and you get to pay with your phone, so no more scrambling for cash!  If that sounds good, don’t worry it’s now possible.  With companies like Uber, Zipcar and other rideshare companies.  But with all of this excitement, the question arises… Are you covered?


Uber and Rideshare Coverage??rideshare

As an Uber passenger, if I get injured in an accident, am I covered by my auto policy for damage?

– The auto owner’s policy must pay limits before your policy will respond.

As an Uber driver would my auto be covered by my personal auto policy?

– No, due to the fact that Taxis and Limo services are under a separate program.



I am a Zipcar driver and get into an accident, would my personal auto policy cover damages?

-If you use a different car each time, your auto policy would follow you.  If you use the same one regularly, an endorsement for that auto can be added.

*Coverage by your auto policy would be limited to the US and US territories.

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For additional information and information on other rideshare companies please contact your local agency.