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You have an Electric Bicycle… Are you covered?

Do you have an electric bicycle? Is it is covered by your Homeowners or Auto policy?

electric bicycle coverage

Safety First…

Then Listen Up…  Short answer is No.  Unfortunately, the electric bicycle falls into a class of its’ own.  These bikes have a motor and need a registration.  They would not have the same coverage options as a standard bicycle.  Certain carriers have made an endorsement for these, but they require you to have a Motorcycle policy.

This is similar to mopeds as well.  Now is the time to make sure you don’t have gaps in your coverage.

Ask your local agent today…


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QR Codes ? ?

The dictionary defines QR codes as, “a matrix bar code that is read by photographing it with the camera of a Smartphone or mobile device, equipped with a bar code reader.”

QR codes can link person to a website, contact information, map location, etc.

qr codes

try scanning this code

 You have probably seen these,QR codes are everywhere… 

If you didn’t know, now you know their proper name.   They can be very helpful to clients and or consumers.  Nowadays, we all seem to have Smartphones.  This new technology allows people to retrieve information about an advertised product, within seconds of seeing the ad.

For those of us new to the QR world… things to keep in mind.

  •       In order to benefit from QR codes, you first need a Smartphone or mobile device with a camera.
  •       You can download a basic free QR scanner from the App store or Play Store of your device.
  •       Only download Apps from sources you trust.
  •       The scanner App will prompt you to hover the camera of your device over the QR code and then tap the screen to scan.  (similar to if you were taking a picture)
  •       Depending on the size of the code and the power of your scanner you can scan from a good distance.
  •       Once scanned, the information will be saved to your phone via the app for future reference and use.


We hope this information is helpful to you.  Happy scanning!