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You have received your policy, paid your premium and have been secure in the knowledge that you have coverage for those unfortunate events which can befall us.  Whether you were involved in a vehicle accident, suffered a property or liability loss you expect to receive the best possible care and attention when a claim occurs.  Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Insurance successfully and professionally handles thousands of claims each year. Remember, this is the time you need us most.

What you should do if a loss occurs:

Immediately contact us during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm at 413-788-4531 or toll free at (800)501-2780. We will assist you in every way we can to see your claim through to a satisfactory conclusion. See Claim Tips below. Our fax number is 413.214.6160. If you need to report a claim after hours or on weekends see “After Hour Claim Reporting by Company” below.


After Hour Claim Reporting numbers by Agent and Company

Please only utilize the following numbers when our office is closed Agent After Hour Numbers for Emergencies Only…Agent phone numbers are listed for claim emergencies only.

Company After Hour Claim numbers for Reporting All Claims

Please Only Call These Numbers When Our Office is Closed

  • AllAmerica / Hanover 1-800-628-0250
  • Arbella 1-800-272-3552
  • Andover 1-800-323-5112
  • Chubb 1-800-252-4670
  • QBE/General Casualty 1-888-737-8256
  • Great American 1-877-589-6846
  • Peerless Commercial Claims 1-800-522-7152
  • Peerless Personal Claims 800-522-7152
  • Philadelphia 1-800-765-9749
  • Coverys (formerlly Pro Mutual) 1-800-225-6168
  • Quincy 1-800-899-1116
  • Safety 1-800-951-2100
  • Travelers 1-800-422-3340
  • Utica 1-800-216-1420
  • Massachusetts Property Underwriting Association (Fair Plan)

Vehicle Claim Tips:

What do I do after an accident? Call for emergency services if needed. Use your emergency lights. Use caution as secondary collisions are a potential hazard. Don’t argue or admit fault, but listen carefully to what the other driver says. Take photos if you have a camera.

Obtain the following information and contact us immediately:

  1. Name, address, license number & phone number of the other driver(s)
  2. Vehicle(s) year, make, model, color, plate number(s) and insurance company
  3. Name & address of vehicle owner(s) and driver(s). Number of passengers. Name(s) of injured passengers or pedestrians and witnesses.

Complete the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report and submit copies to us, the police department in the town that the accident occurred and to the Registry of Motor Vehicles (MA DOT).