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Commercial Auto VS Personal Auto

If  you own a small business you may have wondered, should your car be insured with a Commercial Auto or Personal Auto  Policy?

Insurance coverage can be confusing, for small businesses.  We are here to make sure there are no gaps in  your coverage.

If you say “Yes” it could mean “No.”commercial auto

If you own a business and answer yes to any of the following questions,  then personal auto insurance may not be enough.

  • Do your employees use their personal vehicles on business time?
  • Is your company vehicle the only vehicle you drive?
  • Do you have multiple drivers?
  • Do you use your personal auto to make deliveries?

Contact your local independent agent today to learn more.



It may interest you to know, our business automobile insurance program provides competitive, comprehensive auto coverage for:

  • Private Passenger Vehicles
  • Light to Heavy Trucks
  • Trailers with Service, Retail or Commercial Uses.
  • Read more here.




CCSF Spotlight: Pete’s Sweets

We would like to recognize a local shop that stands out. Pete’s Sweets, is located in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.Pete's Sweets

Owner, Peter Gray opened the store 3 years ago.  His Motto is “Artistry in Every Bite.” True to his word, Pete’s Sweets serves up delicious, fresh treats.  Since his early school days Peter has enjoyed baking and candy making.  He continued his education at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont.  Peter even competed on TLC’s “Next Great Baker.”  He continues to bring a sweet smile to all who visit his shop!

pete's sweets oreo Pete's sweets red velvet cupcake









Peter has a way with:

Wedding Cakes, Specialty Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Chocolate Candies, and so much more!

Click here to visit Pete’s Sweets!!

Did you know? In addition to creating delicious custom treats, Pete’s Sweets offers Baking Classes, Birthday Parties, and Wine and Chocolate Classes! Book yours today!



Contact Pete’s Sweets

32 Shaker Road, East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Phone: 413.525.6062


Visit their Facebook Page!

Is there insurance coverage for solar panels?

Solar, solar, everywhere!

Solar energy is one renewable energy that has become a hot topic among homeowners. (Pardon the pun.)

That being said, the question is, how are they insured?

Is there insurance coverage for solar panels?  Who is responsible for insuring them?

If you ownsolar panels

As of now, there is no specific insurance policy for solar panels.  If you own solar panels that are on your residence or property you would have coverage through your homeowners policy.  It’s key that you notify your local agency and update your policy as soon as you have them or better yet before you buy, or you may not have the necessary coverage.  Call us for more information.

If you lease

When leasing solar panels, usually the company you lease from is responsible for insuring them.  Be sure to have a clear understanding of your contract.  Also be aware that if you sell your home while still in a lease, the solar company could have a say in who buys your home.  Be careful whenever you have a contract.  Call you local insurance agent for more information.

For more fun facts about solar click here…

We are here to help with further question you may have.

Spring Auto Tips

Are you ready for warmer weather? How about your car?

It has been a long winter.  With winter weather winding down, now is the time to give your car the attention it deserves.  The Federal Trade Commision has a lot to say on this subject. Here are a few Spring Auto Tips.

spring auto tipsSpring Auto Tips:

  • Check oil levels and change it on a regular basis.
  • Check levels of engine fluids, such as coolants.
  • Check tire pressure.  Changes in temperatures can affect tire pressure.
  • Try the penny test on your tires, it may be time to get new tires.
  • Check Brakes. Squealing when coming to a stop is usually a sign that you need to replace your brakes.


Now is also a great time to have your interior carpets shampooed and wash your car.  Salt and ice melt can be very damaging to your automobile. The deep cleaning of your car also gives you a chance to spot any other issues that need to be resolved.

Click here for Tire Safety Tips


Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is officially here!  This time of year, homeowners are excited to be seeing an end to cold weather.  Winter can be a test for your home. Warmer weather lets us get outside and make needed repairs.  Arbella Insurance has a helpful infographic that you can download for spring home maintenance.

Here are some helpful spring home maintenance tips:

Roof Tips:

  • Check your roof for damage from the weight of heavy snow.spring maintenance
  • Check roof shingles for wear.
  • Clear leaves from your gutters, allowing water to drain.

Ventilation Tips:

  • Check CO detectors, to make sure they are working properly.
  • Check HVAC filters, replacing or cleaning them as needed.

Yard Tips:

  • Check your deck for wear and tear.
  • Check driveways and walkways for cracks caused by snow and ice.


Contact your local agent for homeowners coverage questions.

Massachusetts Maple Syrup Season

Maple Syrup Season has arrived!

Looking for a great family outing?   Well we have just the thing! Why not go visit a local maple sugarhouse? It’ll help you see the brighter side of this cold weather! We live in an area known for wonderful maple syrup!

It will be a great experience for all!maple syrup

Do you know how to make maple syrup?

At the sugarhouse the kids will love seeing how this natural treat is made.  Some sugar houses even let you help with the process.  After the tour you can top it off with a great breakfast.

Usually a sugar house also has a restaurant attached allowing people to enjoy free syrup on their scrumptious  breakfast.  Mmm….


For locations near you, click here!



Homeowners: Inventory your belongings.

inventoryHave you taken an inventory of your belongings?

This is a reminder to take some time now to go through your home and create an inventory of your valued items.

Take this situation:

A fire breaks out in the home, causing severe interior damage.  The structure of your home remains intact but everything else is a loss.  You find yourself needing to replace everything from appliances to clothing and even your toothbrush.   Good news is, you have insurance so you are covered and will be reimbursed…  But do you remember all the contents items in your house? Now is the time you wish you’d taken pictures or had a video of the inside of the house.

Don’t let this happen to you…

Here are a few things to remember when taking an inventory…

  • Take 3 or 4 pictures of each room.
  • When taking pictures, don’t forget to open the cabinets and closets. You have more clothes than you think!
  • Make a separate list of the items that can’t be replaced
  • Your valuable items may need to be appraised.
  • Call our office with your list.  413-788-4531.


Being Proactive (before a loss) will save you time and energy.


Feel free to call us with further questions.

Did you know you can renew online?

Stick of waiting in line at the RMV?  Great news you can now skip the line and renew online.  Not only that but the RMV offers many of its necessary services online.  Check out their website today…

Vehicle Registrations- Renew Online

Of course renewing is not the only thing you can do.  You can also:

  • Renew your registration.
  • Cancel your registration.
  • Duplicate your registration.

Other things you can do online:

  • Request a Duplicate Title.
  • Renew License, both Commercial and Passenger.
  • Renew or Request Duplicate Mass ID.
  • Pay Citations.

See more when you visit their website


Your Local Insurance Agent is available to help, and answer any questions you may have about this.  Contact us today at 413-788-4531.


If you choose to visit the branch in person here are the hours…

Springfield MA RMV Hours

Monday – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Thursday – 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Chicopee MA Office

Monday through Friday – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Windows and Energy

This time of year temperatures outside are dropping.  How can you stop the drop in temperature from raising your heat bill? has tips for preparing your home for colder temps.  Sometimes a homeowner is not in a position to replace their windows with more energy efficient ones, what then?  The following are a few tips to increase the efficiency of your current windows.

Improve Energy Efficiency of  your Windows

  • Caulking- is used to seal up air leaks around the window frame and the wall.  The leaks can be a result of cracks or gaps. windows If the gap is more that 1 and one quarter inch other methods may be needed.
  • Weather Stripping– is used to seal up air leaks around movable components. Read more about weather stripping.
  • Window Coverings– Such coverings as shades, shutters or even panels can go a long way in insulating your windows. Click here for more covering ideas.

Before sealing your home it is good to know how much ventilation your home requires. Consult with a professional.



Contact your local agent to find out how to seal up any gaps in your existing coverage.

Insulation- What should you know?

Batts, Blown, Foam Board, these are all different types of insulation and there is more where that came from.

Insulation can be added to your home to make it energy efficient, by stopping heat loss in the winter and keeping your home cooler in the summer.  When you stop heat from leaving or entering your home (depending on the season) you save energy because your appliances do not need to work as hard in either season.  One thing to remember is that without the right ventilation insulation will be ineffective. has a lot of helpful tips.

Types of Insulation

  • Batts- Also known as blanket or rolls of insulation are made of various materials such as, fiberglass, mineral wool.  Installers cut the batts to fit between the studs.
  • Loose, Blown– Fiberglass, Mineral wool that is blown into the framed wall system, between studs, with special vacuum like equipment.
  • Foam Board– This is usually placed along the outside of concrete foundation of new construction. Pieces range in size.
  • Other types

If the thickness of the layer is not consistent throughout the wall it will be ineffective, it is only as good as it’s weakest point.

Did you know?  When you read the package of insulation you will usually see a code, R-30 or something like this. R stands for thermal resistance. Really the R value is based on the thickness and density.  Building codes and regions call for varying R Values. Read more about R-Value

Always consult with a certified professional before making changes to your home.